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Support group for men and women of separation and divorce.

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Seven Benefits of Psychotherapy with
Rachel F. Beck, LCSW-C

You'll have greater understanding of yourself and will gain skills to create healthier relationships.

It will enhance the quality of your life.

You'll develop a "tool box" of strategies to help you deal with day-to-day challenges.

It will improve your self-esteem.

You'll have opportunity to fully explore yourself and find ways to get your needs met.

You will establish goals in your life with obtainable steps to achieve them.

Your sessions will be conducted in a non-judgmental, supportive and emotionally safe environment.

Do you suffer with bouts of anxiety that make it a challenge to go though the day and do what you need to do? Are you finding that your relationships are not going the way
you want them to?

Is it difficult to get along with those you love? Are you going through a separation or contemplating a divorce?
Do you find yourself feeling sad,
out of sync, and having feelings of
depression or bouts of low
self esteem?
You can get the relief you
need to feel better now and
live a happier life.

You can find ways to manage your
fears. And you can create more
fulfilling relationships.

I will help you get these

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appointment please
call 410-433-8027 or

Learning to Feel Better