Five Ways to Manage Anxiety

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Keep it in perspective and keep the expectations realistic; In three months will that gift or event still be so important? Try to keep a realistic perspective on the things that are making you feel anxious by asking yourself – will it really matter in the days, weeks, months to come? Keep your expectations realistic and slow down, savor the moments. Having a realistic approach can go a long way towards making holidays less stressful and you less anxious.holiday_anxiety
Take Care of Your Body; Self-care and making sure to get enough sleep are especially important during the holidays. A lack of adequate sleep and not eating well (don’t over indulge just because it is a holiday) can contribute to feelings of stress and anxiety. And of course….EXERCISE… will go a long way at keeping you feeling calmer, even a twenty minute walk can do wonders. Try to pamper yourself in some way.
Delegate; If you are a busy parent, and/or employed full time, there just aren’t enough hours in the day . You cannot do everything. Share in the celebration, joy, and the to do list. Ask for help.
Accept your feelings; If you get stuck in traffic, see long lines, or are dreading that in-law, accept that, of course, you will feel some anxiety or maybe a lot of anxiety. Take a deep breath and let yourself feel the anxiety, accept the feeling. Once you begin to let yourself accept your feelings, they won’t be so powerful and they can be transformed and become easier to manage. When you are no longer fearing your feelings or thoughts and begin allowing them to exist, you can then let them flow away.
Talk to someone; Whatever it is that you are worrying about, you are not alone. Reaching out to someone you know who cares about you is a great way to reduce anxiety. Often, once you say whatever it is that you are fearful about out loud to a friend or family member, it no longer feels as worrisome. And aren’t the holidays really about feeling connected to your friends and family? How better to do that, then opening up to them, and letting them help you?