“Rachel is a wonderful therapist. I saw her regularly for a little over a year about 8 years ago, during a particularly difficult time in my life. I found her to be compassionate, skilled and thoughtful while providing just the right amount of structure and constructive feedback. She listened with care and offered tailored suggestions to help me grow in my path toward self awareness, understanding and, ultimately, acceptance. It was hard, sometimes painful, work, but I looked forward to my sessions with Rachel because she provided a safe and healing space. I love to read. Rachel noticed that right away and always had a book recommendation on hand that helped me more deeply understand the underpinnings of my life experience. Also, she’s just a very easy, very open person to be around and talk to. She’s earns your trust seamlessly and quickly. I think she’s awesome.”

Barbara, age 37 ~ 2017

“I don’t know if I will be able to truly express what a wonderful therapist Rachel is. I came to her 4 years ago, 8 months pregnant and in the process of a divorce. I was at the absolute lowest point in my life. Rachel not only helped me get through my divorce, she helped me rebuild my life. She was my rock during a time when I had never felt more alone in my life.
I had never been to therapy before and, honestly, never thought I would need to. I was scared to go to my first session and take that leap, but it is one that I can truly say has changed my life. Throughout my visits with Rachel, she has helped me reclaim my life – she has listened to me, taught me, helped me find perspective and has handed me tissues when I needed them. With her insight and knowledge she was able to help me get through what was probably the darkest time of my life. And not only that, she has given me the gift to be able to build a new life with a new understanding of myself. I look back on the past 4 years and almost don’t recognize the person I was when I first met Rachel. Through our hard work – because it is work – I am now able to enjoy a life that I am now in charge of creating.
I will forever be indebted to Rachel and what she has done for me. You will not find anyone in this field who is more professional, more understanding and more knowledgeable. She is honest in a gentle manner and teaches you methods you can incorporate into your everyday life to help you.

I can honestly say that if I had never taken that first step and made my first appointment with Rachel I would not be the person that I am today. She has forever changed my life and without her I do not think I would have ever had the courage to build the life I have always wanted for myself. She has helped me see my life in a different light and for the first time I can now understand true happiness. If you are ready to change your life, the best advice I can give is, take that first step like I did 4 years ago. It might be scary, but I can promise you, it will be life-changing. ” ~ June 2014 “Incredibly effective counselor who listens thoroughly and offers great insights during every visit. Ms. Beck is a wonderful caring person with the skill to change your life for the better.”
– C. 2014

“I went to see Rachel to help with my severe marital issues. I didn’t know how I could go on in the marriage but was paralyzed to make a decision. Rachel asked probing questions about me, my life, and my marriage, and along the way we uncovered other events and things about me that have impacted my life. We worked through each of them in a positive manner and I learned a lot about myself. Rachel didn’t pass judgment – she just wanted me to learn and grow which I did. She helped me identify specific areas of growth and helped me focus on these areas. The sessions were very comfortable for me and allowed for candor. With Rachel’s guidance, I was able to resolve issues of guilt and move from the emotional paralysis I was suffering through.”

-Mark, 41 “Rachel provides a coaxing yet calm environment for addressing deep distress and disturbing issues. There is never a pressure to get too uncomfortable, or continue to address issues which are too upsetting. Rachel creates/provides a gentle presence to open up, talk, trust, and take every step for healing as you feel ready. She provides effective additional tools and methods, such as books, meditation, and medical advice (navigating the need for doctors, psychiatrists, etc.) which really complement the psychotherapy, and promote addressing and solving mental health issues outside of a weekly psychotherapy session. I often felt like only once a week with her was not enough, I wanted to see her daily because my life was such a mess, but her additional tools really helped me cope and see that I myself had the power to survive outside of her office, that I could help myself with her guidance. There is always constructive advice for reorienting and reconstructing your life. I went to her fractured, distraught, emotionally and physically broken, and in a short time her help has allowed me to and helped me to transform my life and regain control, stability, and happiness. I feel confident this will continue as I continue to work with her.

The bottom line is, there is a delicate balance that it is often difficult for therapists to strike, but Rachel nails it and maintains this balance. The subject matter of psychotherapy discussions can be heavy and unpleasant, but Rachel always has positive and encouraging advice and suggestions to offer without being cliche or disingenuous. Rachel really listens to her patients, and comes to know them individually without crossing any personal lines or losing objectivity. Her perspective is respectful and gentle enough to provide insight but lets you as the patient progress at your own speed and see that you do need to make changes to be healthier. These suggestions for change come at the right time, and come with the right delivery. She is empathetic, dedicated, well read, well trained, skilled in her craft, and relates very well to people and patients. I went through other psychologists and social workers before I found her, and stuck with her. Let her help you, you will be incredibly glad you did, as well as a better person.”
– Steph, age 26

“I found Rachel when I was at a very low time in my life. I went to her hoping she could give me a quick fix for the problems that felt so overwhelming. Instead, we both made a commitment to fix me. With each session I became mentally stronger and began to gain an inner peace. I like to think that some of her quiet wisdom rubbed off on me. My life can still be chaotic, but having the tools to deal with situations, and knowing that Rachel will always be my life coach; should I need her, feels good.”
– Jo, age 54

“…Everything made me afraid. I was unable to make the simplest of choices or decisions… we rallied, we worked, I cried, she comforted, I spoke, she listened, she spoke, I learned, and we – eventually – got through. After my first session I felt better and stronger and it has continued that way to this day… ” “Rachel was able to help me because she had real answers and real solutions to my problems. Simply – she had real strategies that worked… I am grateful every day that Rachel was there to help me at my lowest point and when I absolutely needed help the most…” “Six months have passed and I am a completely and totally different person. I am happy and having a great time. My friends actually make jokes about my current state of what they call ‘Zen’. I laugh out loud and dance like no one is watching! I am no longer scared and living in the world of ‘what if’s’ and ‘worst case scenarios’. I now have the tools to handle my everyday problems.”
– Jackie, age 28

“I have struggled with anxiety and panic for years. With Rachel’s guidance, I have learned to see my anxiety as a pattern of negative thinking which had become habit for me, even automatic. I have learned to talk myself down from panic and talk myself through stressful situations. I have been able to regain control over the mental chatter that has been negatively affecting my life for so long. Working with Rachel has been an empowering experience for me. It hasn’t been overnight, and it hasn’t been easy. But I know that the energy I spend on this process is setting me up for a happier and healthier future.”
– Rene, age 36